Pupusa Time

A Gameheads Project


Pupusa Time


Carlos Cruz: Artist, Game Designer, Narrative Designer

Jiji Maduakor: Artist, UXUi

Reese Clímaco Pérez: Artist, Sound Designer

Francisco Flores: Programmer, Game Designer

Ziggy Henry: Programmer, Game Designer

Angel Sanchez: Project Manager, Sound Designer


June 2022 – December 2022

Pupusa Time is a game that takes the player throughout different periods of Salvadoran/Indigenous history and culture. What makes a pupusa so special isn’t necessarily the just ingredients, it’s the motions that have been passed down through generations.

When the player performs the correct actions using motion controls, they will unlock a piece to a bigger mural that tells a story about one of three different time periods: present day El Salvador, 1920s – 1980s El Salvador, and Kuskatan (pre-colonial West El Salvador).

The intention of the game is to serve as a way for young Salvadorans to learn, or remind themselves, about the Indigenous roots of a popular food that many of us love. As well to preserve the rich history of the food that our ancestors have created thousands of years ago. Click here to go access the itch.io page.

Antares Assembly. Left to right: Jiji, Ziggy, Carlos, Reese, Francisco, Angel

Level 2 In-Game Footage

Level 2 Mural: 1920s – 1980s El Salvador

Prudencia Ayala and Monseñor Oscar Romero symbolism in palmeño artstyle created by Fernando Llort and the people of La Palma, El Salvador.

Draft for Desktop Icon

Pat Action – My first go at animation since…8th grade? It was fun lol.

Pupusa Time Cover Art (Logo, design, mural 2 by Carlos Cruz. Mural 1 by Jiji Maduakor. Mural 3 by Reese Clímaco Pérez.)