Emotes & Badges


Emotes & Badges


May 2020

Streaming has brought so many different kinds of people together to appreciate each others passions. For some it is video games and to others it's art. Streamers can offer custom emotes to their viewers and give their community an identity of it's own to use in the chat. It's a great tool to have!

All emotes and sub-badges displayed here are drawn by myself and displayed here purely to serve as an example of my work. They are currently being used by streamers with rights exclusively to them.

Shiny Riolu Sub Badge glhfcarlos – Twitch

:glhfcaPOGkia: glhfcarlos – Twitch

MetaPOG Ericko Nation – YouTube

Angry ZSS Ericko Nation – YouTube

Shiny Lucario 3 Month Sub Badge glhfcarlos – Twitch

:WhoaLos: glhfcarlos – Discord

Donobird Ericko Nation – YouTube

Happy ZSS Ericko Nation – YouTube

:glhfcaYoot: glhfcarlos – Twitch

:glhfcaGg: glhfcarlos – Twitch

Welcome Pichu Ericko Nation – YouTube

Confident Chrom Ericko Nation – YouTube