The Izmis Region


The Izmis Region


October 2020

Welcome to the Izmis region. Izmis (based on the Central American Isthmus) is home to many different creatures relating to the ecosystems, cultural backgrounds, and history of the Central American countries of Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama.

This is a Pokémon fan project I am putting together to practice my creature concept art. The purpose is to challenge myself to connect more with my own cultural roots while bringing one of my favorite franchises to represent Latin American culture and history.


Grass Type | (Etymology: Knot + Ocelot)

This Pokémon exists as the Izmis Region's grass starter. It has a colorful thread-like trail that is so long that it needs to be wrapped up in a ball. It's said to roam through the jungles of the region leaving all kinds of colorful plants and bushes growing in it's tracks almost like magic. It is said that this Pokémon has helped people weave the most beautiful textiles over multiple generations. As the planet has grown older and more interconnected, Pokémon professors found that it's abilities are over-exploited causing Knotelot to become more rare. Professors have worked to preserve this special species due to it's ancient connection to the land.


Fire – Ground Type | (Etymology: Snake + Sulfur)

Izmis has been the bridge holding two much larger regions together with such a tiny strip of land. Volcanos are said to have sprawled all across the region preserving the earth over time. Every once every few years, small slithering Pokémon emerge from the fumes of these special volcanos when they begin to erupt. This Pokémon emits a thick layer of ash from it's body that regulates it's internal body temperature. Be careful, if ingested it can poison anything else that inhales these volcanic-like gases. While Snulfur's anatomy can be dangerous to life, it's nature tends to be some of the most docile among fire-types.


Water | (Etymology: Tapir + Tot)

Tapirtot's trunk leaks a solution that is used to blow bubbles for it's attacks. Their sense of smell is extremely sharp and they are not fond of any foul odors. They use their bubbles to cleanse filthy surroundings any exterminate anything it thinks is stinky. Historically, humans and Tapirtot worked together to wash their belongings. They would enter any local river to mix the soapy solution with the water. This would allow people to wash their clothes without having to pollute natural resources. As the region becomes modernized, environmental pollution has outweighed the efforts any group of Tapirtot could handle. This has led to a decline on how many Tapirtot reveal themselves to the public eye.