Safer Heights

Demands 2, 6, 7, 8, and 10


Safer Heights Demands Zines Illustrations




August 2020

Safer Heights is a young, Black-led organization that aims to create a safer Cleveland Heights community for Black residents specifically. This is an organization I joined in the summer of 2020. As a part of the art committee I was able to contribute illustrations for demands presented to local government officials that specifically address police violence.

The illustrations below were published by Safer Heights in their local zine. For more information on Safer Heights as an organization, please visit to learn more.

Demand 2: We demand immediate removal of the police from Cleveland Heights University Heights public schools.

Demand 6: We demand a redirection of police time and effort away from traffic and parking enforcement and towards investigating crimes committed against the community.

Demand 7: We demand transparency on all police-citizen encounters via a quarterly report detailing all arrest and citation statistics, including offense, race, age, ability, gender, use of force, and ultimate case outcomes.

Demand 8: We demand that any police officer who turns off or obstructs their body camera during a civilian encounter be immediately suspended without pay, and fined.

Demand 10: We demand an immediate decriminalization of the use and possession of cannabis in Cleveland Heights.